Outstanding Presentation Award


2020 13th No.88 Mizuka Miki Verification of the Formulation of Social Capital by Farmers’ Home-Stay Program -A Case Study of Hino town, Shiga Prefecture-
No.87 Taketo Ikeda A Study on Diversity of Employee in Agricultural Corporations :Approach from Strategic Human Resource Management (SHRM)
No.86 Reona Yamamoto Future Estimation of Disaster Waste Generation in Consideration of Architectural Stock and Population Decline for each Municipality in Wakayama Prefecture

Best Presentation No.13

Baffoe Jonathan DARKWAH Rice Farmers’ Post-Harvest Losses: An Economic value of degraded Swampy Wetlands in the Northern and Ashanti Region of Ghana
No.84 Kumar BIPUL Sustainability Understanding of Buriganga River Restoration in Bangladesh by Inclusive Wealth and System Dynamics Modelling
2019 12th No.83 Roni ARMIS Tourism Destination Competitiveness Model for a Small-sized Post-mining City:  Case of Indonesia
No.82 Vo Hoang HA Climate Change Awareness and Adaptation: A Case study of Smallholder Farmers in Coastal Areas, Phu Vang District, Vietnam
No.81 Sohel RANA Disaster Risk Management (DRM) in a Haor Area of Bangladesh: Focusing on the Household Level
No.80 Takeshi NAGAMUNE Kukanteki Youso wo Kousyo Shita Keizai Kiban Josuu no Suitei
No.79 Ryoya TOMENO A study on SOCIAL LOAFING factors in community-based disaster preparedness

Best Presentation No.12

Yui YONEMITSU Kyushu Chiiki ni Okeru Ryuiki Suigai no Keizai Higai to Fukyu Process no Hyouka
2018 11th No.77 Hasleeda KAMARUDIN Integrated Water Resources Management Implementation for Langat and Sagami River Basins: A Comparison
No.76 Ryohei SHODA Chihou Chusu Toshi no Syuhen Toshi heno Iju ni Kansuru Eikyou Youin Bunseki
No.75 Mohamad Safuwan bin ALIAS A Study on Cost-Efficiency of New Sewerage System in Terengganu
No.74 Mohammad Haider KAMRUZZAMAN Impacts of Fuel Tax on the Reduction of Emissions from Road Transport Sector in Bangladesh
No.73 Keiji KOUDU Jidousya Jiko no Gaibusei to Hoken Premium no Suikei

Best Presentation No.11

Daiki SAKAMOTO Ryuiki Suigai no Keizai Higai to Hukkyu Process ni Kansuru Simulation Bunseki: Toyokawa Ryuiki wo Taisyou to Site
2017 10th No.71 Misuzu Takao An Analysis of the heterogeneity of consumers by using covariance structure analysis from an eco-tourist’s behavior perspective
No.70 Naranbat Nasanjargal Developing the Management Policy to crease Air Pollution in Ulaanbaatar City Using Solar Energy Utilization System
No.69 Haruka Yane Labor Skills and Backward Linkages
No.68 Ryota Hanaoka Aichi-ken ni Okeru Tsunami Keizai Higai to Resilience no Simulation Bunseki

Best Presentation No.10

Taku Nakayama Fiscal (De)Centralization, Regional Difference in Productivity of Public Education and Regional Human Capital Accumulation
2016 9th No.66 Benson Senelwa Igesa The Impact of Kenyan Fiscal Policy and Tariff Elimination to the Kenyan Economy
No.65 Jerome Edem Abiemo A Comprehensive Study of the Negative Externalities of Increased Use of Chemical Pesticides in Rice Production: A Case Study of Smallholder Farmers in the Aveyime Community, Ghana
No.64 Rajeev Kumar SINGH Analysis of Policy-innovation Linkage: Case Study on End-of-Life Vehicle (ELV) Technologies in Japan and EU
No.63 Kenta Miho Chikyu Ondanka Taisaku no Tameno Saiteki Zeiseisaku ni Kansuru Simulation Bunseki
No.62 Kana Tomita Assessment of Program for Regional Development by Encouraging Elderly Engaging in Soybean Farming in Hilly and Mountainous Areas : Case Study on Samegawa-village in Fukushima-prefecture, Japan
No.61 Shumpei Kimura Study on the influence of work experience in agricultural corporation for the business of new entries in Japan

Best Presentation No.9

Cheng Hua Jin Chugoku ni Okeru Shinrin Hozen Seisaku: Taikou Kanrin Seisaku no Tenkai to Kadai
No.59 Tsubasa Sasaki Estimation of Social Losses Caused by Raccoons and Regional Feature
2015 8th No.58 Shaka Kaloma Francis Preliminary Investigation of Appropriate Options for Leachate and Septage Treatment for the Caribbean Island of Antigua
No.57 Kentaro Mizuno Urban Land Use Change by a Change of Household Subjective Trust in Information for Nankai Trough Huge Earthquake
No.56 Duong Thuy Pham Current Situation and Possibilities of Rice Straw Management in Vietnam
No.55 Nozomi Nakayama Evaluating Spatial Economic Effects of a Nuclear Power Station: Case of Ishikawa Prefecture
No.54 Fubuki Takahashi Evaluating the Cross-Border Regions in San-En-Nanshin: Multi-Regional Input-Output Approach

Best Presentation No.8

Yoriko Tsuchiya The Problem of Aging and Population Decline in Large-scale Detached Housing Estate Developments in the Tokyo Metropolitan Area
No.52 Masashi Tajima Reflections on the state ofthe “bad reputation” afterthe 2011 Fukushima nuclear accident: How much will its effect on processed food prices continue?
No.51 Masaharu Mashizume The Study on the Level of the Regional Production based on Gender Gap of Employment in Japan
2014 7th No.50 Takahide Fukuda Indonesia Kota Makassar ni Okeru Tanso Credit no Kankyou-Keizai Eikyou Hyouka
No.49 Hiroki Nakamura An evaluation of loss value by Yezo deer
based on CVM and Cluster Analysis
No.48 Qian Zhou Comprehensive Evaluation of Environmental Policies for Greenhouse Gas and Air Pollution Mitigation by effective Utilization of Energy Resource in China: A Region Study
No.47 Thanh Trung Hoang Estimation of Greenhouse Gas Emission and Potential of Reduction in the Municipal Solid Waste Management in Developing Country: Case Study in Hanoi Capital, Vietnam
No.46 Daisuke Ito Toshigunkan Kyori wo Kouryo Shita Toshigun Seityou
No.45 Sree Shankari Muralidharan Sustainable E-waste Management in India
No.44 Bo Li Influences of industrial structural change on growth of Chinese
economy from a viewpoint of inter-industrial relationship

Best Presentation No.7

Shingo Yoshida Research for the Decision Making of Long-Term Land Use of Urban Farmers
2013 6th Best Presentation No.6 Sutee Anantsuksomsri Real Estate Investment and Vulnerability to Financial Crisis in Thailand: A Financial Computable General Equilibrium Approach
No.42 Nian Li Economic Assessment of a Large Earthquake in China: A Dynamic Spatial CGE Application
No.41 Wei Yang Simulation of Agricultural Non-point Sources Pollution and Risk Assessment in Dahuofang Reservoir Catchment, China
No.40 Tomoko Tsumori An Analysis on regional characteristics of home-meal replacement consumption and its influencing factors
No.39 Bo Li The relationship between the growth of labor productivity and the industrial agglomeration in the Chinese regional economies
No.38 Yoshinori Ida Seikatsusha Kara Mita Ryuiki Kankyou Management ni Kansuru Ichikousatsu
No.37 Kouichirou Nakazawa Dougaku Kuukan Ouyou Ippan Kinkou Model wo Mochiita Nankai Trough to Shuto Tyokkagata Jishin no Keizaiteki Eikyou no Hyouka
No.36 Takafumi Sugawara Jisedai Jidousya Seisan no Keizai Hakyuu Kouka no Bunseki
2012 5th Best Presentation No.5 Michiari Mochizuki Response between employment in fishery and resident population in some municipalities taking fishery as industrial characteristic where affected by Great East Japan Earthquake:As targeting coastal municipalities, Iwate and Miyagi prefecture
No.35 Any WAHYUNI Low Carbon Policy in Makassar City: A CGE Analysis
No.34 Keyu LU Scenario Analysis of Municipal Solid Waste Management System in Shanghai
No.33 Nontachai TITHIPONGTRAKUL Happiness Growth Model based on Economic, Social, and Ecological Systems
No.32 Junnian SONG Quantitative Estimation of Biomass Energy and Comprehensive Evaluation of Biomass Utilization: A Case Study of Jilin Province, China
No.31 Tsuyoshi Enomoto A paper on Environmental Changes in the District of Ecuador: Through Structure of Economic of Ecuador
No.30 Mahdi IKHLAYEL Towards Sustainable Municipal Solid Waste Management in Jordan, A Life Cycle Assessment Study
2011 4th No.29 Jihe Kim An analysis on structural change in home-meal replacement and its environmental impact
No.28 Shamsunnahar Khanam A Computable General Equilibrium Analysis of Sustainable Toyohashi City with Green Energy and Smart Technology
No.27 Yuuta Saitou An effect analysis in service of LCC focused on attractiveness for sightseeing region
No.26 Fan Li Potential Assessment of Residual Solar Power System in Japanese Local Cities
No.25 Ryo Sato A consideration on the effective public involvement in consensus building process for public infrastructure projects

Best Presentation No.4

Nan Xiang Comprehensive Evaluation of Effectively Utilizing Reclaimed Water to Accomplish Sustainable Development in Tianjin, China
No.23 Nontachai Tithipongtrakul The Computable General Equilibrium Analysis of Regional Environmental Tax System
2010 3rd Best Presentation No.3 Hiroto Kato Bubun Kukan Douteihou wo Mochiita Keizai Seityou Model no Kouzou Parameter Suitei
No.22 Tomoyuki Shimotori A study on Effects of Population Movement on Residential Choice Behavior in Sapporo
No.21 Takafumi Sugawara An analysis of the economic impacts of developing an electric vehicle industry and a hybrid vehicle industry
No.20 Yoshiyuki Ueda Economic effect evaluation by using hydrogen energy in Kasumigaura basin
No.19 Yang Li Study on the Treatment Method and Resource Regeneration for E-waste in China
No.18 Jianping Ge Impacts of Expanding Non-grain Based Fuel Ethanol on Regional Equality in China: Using a Computable General Equilibrium Model
No.17 Hossain Nahid Interregional Computable General Equilibrium Model of Prefectural Cross-Border Areas in Japan
No.16 Yuuji Takeguchi A Proposal of Effect Analysis model for Municipal Merger focus on Accessibility
No.15 Shogo Taguri Comparison on water resource selection behaviour for disaster mitigation of arsenic contaminated drinking water in Bengal region
No.14 Hiroshi Fukuma Roudousya no Gijutsu Iten to FDI
2009 2nd Best Presentation No.2 Takeshi Ogawa Joint Production and the Pattern of Specialization
No.13 Koshiro Ueno A Study on the Circulation of Nitrogen Flow from the Viewpoint of Water Pollution and Global Warming
No.12 Yue Xia Water Resource Endowment and Location Choice of Japanese textile industry FDI in China
No.11 Indrawan Permana Analysis of Illegal Settlements in Flood Prone Areas in Central Kalimantan Province, Indonesia: A Two Dimensional Spatial Modeling
No.10 Takafumi Sugawara Evaluating the Economic Impacts of a Technological Innovation by next generation automobiles
No.9 Saori Usami A Study on prediction evaluation of Willing to Return Home and Returning Home Possibility rate at an Earthquake occurrence Using GIS
2008 1st Best Presentation No.1 Kiyomi Kawamoto A Study on Social Capital for Regional Environmental Management: A Relationship between Regional Difference of Citizens’ Awareness and Social Capital for Climate Change Policy
No.8 Koshiro Ueno A Study on the Circulation of Nitrogen Flow from the Viewpoint of Global Warming
No.7 Hussein Nassar Empirical Analysis of User Adoption of Mobile Virtual Network Operator Services in Saudi Arabia
No.6 Makoto Kobayashi A Study of Environment Load Reduction by the Introduction of the Hydrogen Energy
No.5 Zhang Yuan Structure Analysis of relation between economic disparity among regions and environmental burdens in China
No.4 Hidekazu Sone On the Interdependence of Regional Economies and Long-Standing Firms: Case Studies on Takenaka and Kongo-gumi Construction Companies
No.3 Yasunori Higuchi A study on multi-regional AGE modeling to measure the effect of road improvement in Hokkaido
No.2 Shinichi Furuzawa A Study on the Policy for the Activity to Manage Common-Pool Resources
No.1 Jingjing Yan The synthetic quantitative evaluation of sustainable development of resource-based cities: a case study of Panjin city