Bylaw on the Copyright of Publications of JSRSAI

This is a translation of the Bylaw in Japanese.
Any possible difference among the two shall be fixed by keeping the Bylaw in Japanese.

Enacted on 19th August, 1999

(Object of this Bylaw)
Provision 1 This bylaw prescribes possession of the copyright of the articles in Studies in Regional Science, the Journal of the Japan Section of the Regional Science Association International (abbreviated to JSRSAI), and other casual publications (Newsletter, Member Directory, Program of the Annual Meeting, Collected Scientific Papers Presented at the Annual Meeting, etc) (abbreviated to Publications), of which publication is prescribed as one of the undertakings of JSRSAI in Paragraph 3, Provision 4 of Constitution of JSRSAI (abbreviated to Constitution).

(Possession of the Copyright)
Provision 2 In principle, JSRSAI shall possess all the copyright of Publications.

(Utilization such as duplication, etc., by the author(s))
Provision 3 In principle, JSRSAI shall not bar the author(s) from doing duplication, translation, or adaptation of the full text or a part of his/her/their article in the Publications.

(Exception as for Articles in the Journal)
Provision 4 Notwithstanding the preceding provision, the author(s) shall ask JSRSAI for permission whenever he/she/they would like to duplicate the full text of his/her/their article in the Journal, Studies in Regional Science, of which publication is prescribed as one of undertakings of JSRSAI in Paragraph 3, Provision 4 of Constitution, and publish the duplication or reprint in other books or journals.

(Permission for a Third Person)
Provision 5 JSRSAI shall be empowered to grant a third person (party) a permission to do duplication or reprint of an article in the Publications in behalf of the author(s) when the third party has asked JSRSAI for the permission and JSRSAI has accepted necessity of the permission.

Provision 6 This bylaw may be amended through resolve of the meeting of the Board of Directors, JSRSAI.


Provision 1 This bylaw shall be enforced immediately from the day of enactment.